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' I am privileged and honoured to be involved in The Tony Benn Film, by Praslin Pictures during it's making and promotion across the web. I have been the Social Media Marketing Manager for The Tony Benn Film ' Will and Testament', since January 2013. Tony Benn sadly died during the final post production stages of the film and he is sorely missed by us all. The Tony Benn Film is due to be released in Spring 2014 and comes at a time when many followers at the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages are grieving that loss openly, nationally and internationally. Tony Benn's funeral is on 27th March 2014 and will be followed by many on TV and undoubtedly, at the Facebook page.

The many messages of condolence at the page gives rise to the love that has been felt towards him over the years and now at his passing. Indeed the page was a cornerstone for many to send their thoughts, views, political or otherwise, and many get well messages and create an intimate connection with Tony Benn, his life, from week to week, his thoughts, his quotes and gave an opportunity for participation and discussion around the views he and others were able to share there. The Facebook page tracked the making of the film and many important moments in Tony Benn's life. I would like to write something on how that came about. However, feel this would be best timed after his funeral. I will remain, honoured and privileged to be involved in such a project and hope that the social media marketing of The Tony Benn Film, Will and Testament', brings many more opportunities to 'encourage' and inspire others, as Tony Benn has done for so many today. I am also inspired and honoured to have been involved in supporting the thousands of followers with their comments, emails and enquiries and will update here on that process at a later date.'

Tish  - Social Media Marketing Manager - The Tony Benn Film - Facebook, Twitter and Youtube 

20th March 2014

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