Website Design and SEO Campaigns

This page shows some of our latest work including web design, SEO and facebook marketing campaigns. Our work has developed across the UK and Person Centred Designs work and marketing has shown international growth with clients across USA, Canada and with a marketing reach across the globe. Our SEO campaigns have proven themselves with many clients reaching Google rankings of page 1 and usually at the top for organic campaigns, and for paid reach using adverting campaigns simililar results have developed. Our latest campaign supports the Tony Benn Film Facebook page and is part of a web social media approach - See here to read more.

Is Your Website Mobile / Tablet Ready?

If you haven't updated a mobile and tablet ready change to your website then this may need to be done as soon as possible to stand a chance of being ranked well within Google and other search engines. Those that are not mobile ready may find their website ranking dropping. See here for mobile / tablet ready website design.


SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) is how websites are optimised ( improved ) to be readable by search engines and ranked accordingly. This involves the use of meta information and includes key words, page structure, content, and the build of the web site or social media function. It also involves the functionality of the website, the way Google, Yahoo and other Search engines see your website, and the algorithms used by each search engine in order to rank it, find it useful and offer it to the web visitor as a useful finding, for the web searcher, potential visitor and customer.