About Tish Social - Social Media Marketing and The Person Centred Approach

Background to Tish Social | Web | SEO | Social Media Marketing Management and Publicity. I have a background in the Person Centred Approach as a counsellor, consultant, a person centred trainer / facilitator, one to one, business mentor and in web design SEO and Online Marketing. I use the person centred approach in providing website design, online campaigns, web training, social media marketing and our online web marketing training services – The person centred approach in counselling terms is to provide empathy, positive regard and offer that I am congruent in the relationship.

Patricia (Tish) Camp - Consultant - Tish Social Social Media Managememt and marketing | Person Centred Designs

Building A Web Relationship

We offer congruently, our skills, knowledge and ideas for the clients needs, and listen again to what they want and then provide a website design service as they define. We provide information about website templates compare these to the use of one of our website designed packages, are transparent in our approach with clients and are honest about the challenges your business may face. So how does this work in website designing then?

Having Empathy

My empathic approach to the difficulties the business client may have is offered, as I do actually care about the development and design of a business website. My positive regard for the business client and their business is paramount and genuine. All services provided to the client including photography services are offered as copyrighted to the client. They are my customer and their business and website design, development and online web presence is solely theirs.

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We use active listening skills to hear what the business client states is their website design need. Business clients know at this stage, we have listened, have supported, been empathic, are genuine and can trust us to feel the passion they have for their business. We can then depict this on their websites, in their web campaigns and throughout their social media marketing.