Social Media Marketing and the Film Industry

Social Media Marketing for the Film Industry is a niche field and can differ somewhat to that of generic social media marketing of a website or brand. Knowing how this differs and what costs are likely to be associated are important factors. Seeking funds to begin a film, through investors, crowd funding, film funding bodies, any other means and assessing ROI ( return on investment ) both artistically and financially, could make or break a Film Project. It could turn it on its head from almost funded to fully supported!

Social Media Marketing for Film

This will undoubtedly be cruical to those in the Film Industry and can incorporate a vast amount of social media vehicles that enagage internet users and thereby, your potential customers, investors and potential distribution.

Contact Tish Social to discuss your film’s social media marketing, social media management, pay per click, Facebook and Instagram advert campaigns, strategic development, social engagement, training, mentoring and consultancy needs.


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Instagram - Facebook Ad Campaigns For Film

Tish Social ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook are defined through ad campaigns that boost the page, posts or a combination of both. These can be arranged through a number of social media platforms as required and incorporate copy content, including video and  graphics. From a small budget and management of the film pages or profiles monthly, or to setting up your social media pages, marketing strategy and ad campaign for them.


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BFI - Film Training & Mentoring

Tish Social ( previously Person Centred Designs ) has been able to support film directors and film industry professionals under the Creative Skillset Programme in partnership with The British Film Institute. We are inclusive and diversity driven in the development of film industry professionals. For more information contact us and see more of our services to the film industry at the website. Mentoring Programmes are available to help your film and develop your skills as a film industry professional. Contact Tish Social to discuss your project, costs, funding opportunities and film mentoring needs.

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