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Tish Social provides mobile responsive website design across all platforms and can provide web design support across WordPress, Wix and Squarespace, website services, amongst others.

What is a Mobile Responsive Website? This is whether a website has been built to be viewed across mobile phones and tablets. It ensures the content of the desktop or laptop version of your website is viewable across a range of screen sizes from mobile phones smartphones and tablets, that it functions appropriately and looks as good as your desktop or laptop website version.

Why do we need mobile responsive websites? in 2019, 63% of searches on Google in the US came from mobiles. in 2021 across some industries sectors globally, mobile users are using mobiles to access websites from 80% on weather sites, news and media 67%, social media 62% and a lower 45% on B2B with almost two thirds of searches are carried out on mobile phones. (ref: Sistrix)

A mobile responsive website will rank better across search engines and indeed some websites built without a mobile-friendly website may not get a good page rank or be listed at all. Social media marketing options include website design and support that offers website design for laptops, tablets and mobile phones as standard.

SEO & Website Design Packages

Tish Social website design and SEO packages support full search engine optimsation,  and the options to undertake competitor research. Our services include SEO for combined website and social media platforms with monthly reporting to include Google Page Rank and other SERP’s (search engine results pages).

Seo includes all common ‘white hat’ SEO practices. We regularly undertake research in the latest SEO methodologies and practices and incorporate this into our training and client work.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is across a range of common social media platforms, this includes, but is not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, and audio and Live streaming sites like Soundcloud, Spotify, BandCamp, YouTubeMusic, CDBaby, AmazonMusic, and Reverbnation amongst others.

Services can be combined with website marketing and social media management for your social media platforms either on a monthly basis or on a project basis. 

All social media marketing and management services are bespoke.

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