Eco-Business Networking Tools with Contapp

So, I had a crazy social media marketing idea on #OwnBusinessDay last week and offered a 24-hour free social media Instagram / FB stories and Twitter promo for any companies that liked or commented in the post and infographic I’d made. It was fun I had a good uptake, lots of direct message engagement and promoted seven companies with video stories and marketing graphics, studying each business carefully, and pushing content out with all relevant focused hashtags.

One company that took me up on this offer was Contapp, an innovative business card and networking app. This business tool struck me immediately. The app was well built, bright, colourful, and easy to market. This baby was all bells and whistles, useful, timesaving, eco conscious and eye-catching, which to me, means easy to find on my iPhone. ‘Free download’ jumps off the page in IoS and Android along with ‘in the App Store and Google Play.’ The most unique benefit to me, becoming more and more eco-business oriented, was the reduce waste and don’t keep chopping down trees to make some gsm business card that statistically gets thrown away within a week. Yes, this sold me! This consciousness raising message was not overkill, not guilt tripping, but gave a call to action that said, look ‘just do it’ and this is how easy we make this for you to do so.

Apart from that, and put simply, Contapp just works and that gets me working, autosave your business cards in the app and share and network creating a modern-day, souped-up Rolodex in your hand.

Now I’m visualising using Contapp at a conference with ‘cool RTC guy’, ‘hey, let’s swap our details’ and open the app showing my business card and scanning his, not my accidental sharing of my Instagram ready pic of crushed avocado on sour dough bread (dang that was good though). I’m in the next scene filtering him and ten other people I’ve met in the app as ‘that cool web consultant,’ ‘clever IT Developer chick,’ along with gorgeously geek Gamer girl’, ‘baseball loving VP of VR World’ and ‘that nice woman blogger’, that ‘other app development woman in the plenary feedback, small quiet Squarespace guy near the coffee, the Ai guy that gave me his brown sugar sachet, one keynote speaker and a WordPress marketing manager that offers his pen when I can’t find mine.

This app would stop me from digging out my old, scratched silver business card holder that only holds ten cards, or worse still, the two crumpled ones from my purse, no not that one, it has wiped peanut butter on the back, or me looking for ‘that blinkin pen’ in my bag, filled with noisy protein bar wrappers, can you see my flushed red cheeks?  Or at the don’t-talk-to-me-but-take-my-card on the ‘share business card’ table, that I resist. A Gaudi-esque paper tile mosaic to a ‘curvy cool web consultant, graphic design, PR lady,’ is too much underload-overload of blue-chip muted greys and new companies doing the glossy, hip or slimline business card thing.

Contapp - Innovating Business Card Management - The smarter and more convenient way of digitally managing printed business cards, whilst reducing paper waste.

I don’t make overnight oats in Kilner jars, I don’t store my olive oil in easy pour glass bottles, but I do recycle, and reuse stuff and I get warm and fuzzy when I read about a conscious, eco-business latest efforts to save a little bit of the planet and can bring people together so easily. No, not just warm and fuzzy, I’m feeling electrical thoughts buzzing into my synapses on what this can bring!

Futureproof your business - Buinsess Card App - Contapp

Contapp is clean, fresh, new, new, new, innovative and Techcrunch ready to show us just how ‘cool guy-cool chick’ it really is. I want this efficiency, this ‘take me further’ digitalise, swipe, share, Bluetooth, intelligent filter, killing it with keywords, integrate me, cloud secure, and QR code me baby, in that flirty non-qwerty way we all can now. This is future thinking fab! Like an efficient, business app, with sustainability at its core? Then Contapp is worth checking out, playing with, and sharing. Hey, add me when you do? I’m that Tish Social ‘website design, seo consultant, graphics, Ai, futureproof & tree loving, PR, Publicist lady’.

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