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Web Training, Technology, AI and Integrated Business Marketing Tools.

Web Training, Technology and AI Integrated Business Marketing Tools So, this month is full on training, technology, assessing progress in AI (artificial intelligence) and integrated business marketing tools. I’ve been a firm believer in the development of artificial intelligence to support business and that we should adopt this as a future investment for our business…

Contapp - Innovating Business Card Management - The smarter and more convenient way of digitally managing printed business cards, whilst reducing paper waste.

Eco-Business Networking Tools with Contapp

Eco-Business Networking Tools with Contapp So, I had a crazy social media marketing idea on #OwnBusinessDay last week and offered a 24-hour free social media Instagram / FB stories and Twitter promo for any companies that liked or commented in the post and infographic I’d made. It was fun I had a good uptake, lots…

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